Interview mit Electrosexual

„Antisexism is a priority in our world!“
von am 29. Mai 2012 veröffentlicht in Antifee, Gespräche

Diesen Sommer findet am Campus der Universität Göttingen zum sechsten Mal das Antifee Festival statt. Unter dem Motto „Festival für feministische Gesellschaftskritik“ wird an zwei Tagen neben inhaltlichen Veranstaltungen ein musikalisches Bühnenprogramm geboten. Einige der Bands und Künstler_innen waren bereit, uns ein paar Fragen zu bewantworten. Hier ist das Interview mit Electrosexual, der einigen bereits durch seine Auftritte mit Scream Club bekannt sein dürfte. Das Interview haben wir in englischer Sprache geführt.

Monsters: Please introduce yourself. Who are you, what are you doing on stage and since when are you doing it?

Electrosexual: My name is Electrosexual, I am an electronic music producer, feminist and a DJ. I Compose music and produce records. On stage I play synthesizers and create visuals. I started in 2004 in France. I generally perform live with vocalists, as a duet. At this year’s Antifee I will perform with the american vocalist Sigrid Elliott.

Monsters: Today, the whole music scene is clearly dominated by men. What do you think are the reasons for that?

Electrosexual:I think as performers more and more women get into genres that were originally more male domined as electronic music and programmation. Let’s not forget that many pioneers in this specific genres were women and trans (Wendy Carlos (Moog Virtuosis), Clara Rockmore (Theremin Expert), Delia derbyshire ( BBC RadiophonicWorkshop leader) or Daphne Oram, creator of the “Oramics“ technique for creating electronic sounds). I think there should be more opportunities for women to express their creativity and vision in music.

Monsters: Have you ever felt that your gender is relevant for your work or how it is anticipated? If so, in what sense?

Electrosexual: Most of my work is linked with a non-gendered touch, I work and collaborate with persons regardless of their gender. Only the talent and emotion are important. Gender is always used to label people. The concept of Electrosexual is about a sexless/genderless entity.

The Antifee Festival emphasises on its political self-conception. That is why the promoters keep an eye on these things, when it comes to booking. Do you consider yourself as a political act, and if so, to what extent?

Electeosexual: Yes, Electrosexual is a political act, working for Queer and queer artists visibility and diversity over the globe especially in places where queerness is an unknown subject. There is a bit of education in the themes and lyrics. The themes in my songs are about self confidence, queer love and queer issues, and keeping on fighting against sexism and borders.

Monsters: Have you ever noticed the Antifee Festival before?

Electrosexual: Yes, I attended the Antifee 3 times, I also performed on stage together with Scream Club.

Monsters: What are your thougts about the festival’s approach to combine an event like this with an anti-sexist claim?

Electrosexual: Antisexism is a priority in our world! I really enjoy when public events like festivals are not only about fun but also to make everyone aware about important society’s subjects.

Monsters: Speaking of the festival, what are your personal expectations?

Electrosexual: Iam expecting open minded and curious audience, a fun performance, a cool passionate festival team, awesome vegan food and meeting inspiring people.

Thanks for the interview, you have the last word…


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